The Oldest Form of Body Decoration

People have always had different ways of expressing themselves, their style, beliefs, and personality. One of the oldest methods that people are still using in order to convey their uniqueness and admiration for art is through tattoos. Tattoos are a wonderful way of body decoration, getting a meaningful message across, or simply honoring your heritage and tradition. Since there are many interesting facts about these bodily decorations, this article will take you through some of the most fascinating ones; from the oldest tattooing techniques to the most famous method used for removing them.

The first known techniques of tattooing

Throughout the ages, tattoos have been used as symbolic markings in tribes, in the military, in sailing, and so on. But people didn’t always use the techniques that are familiar to us today. Some of the first methods of tattooing were:

  • Soot tattooing
  • Bamboo tattoos
  • Rake and striking stick technique
  • Metal tube technique

The oldest of all these methods is soot tattooing. The first known example of it has been found on a 5000-year-old body discovered in the Alps in 1991. It is the shape of a cross, and it was performed by cutting the skin and putting soot in the open cut.

The modern style of tattooing

Today, the art of tattooing is performed with an electric tattoo gun that has extremely sharp and thin needles attached to it. This method, which is familiar to all of us, is called the western technique. The needles are dipped in ink and when turned on, they move backward and forwards, piercing the skin accurately and transferring the ink to the deeper levels of the skin.

Laser tattoo removal

Unfortunately, even though when we get tattoos, we are hoping for a permanent work of art on our bodies, sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as we expected. There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes we don’t like how the design looks on our bodies, or we simply change our mind years later and decide to cover up a mistake from the youth. The most popular and efficient method for removing tattoos is laser removal. This technique works by dissolving the ink into tiny particles with a laser. The tiny particles are then easier to get removed from the body through its natural immune system.

Restoring your skin’s natural appearance after a tattoo removal

One downside to laser removal is that it can leave the treated area of your skin with an uneven tone and texture. There are multiple remedies for this condition of the skin. Many people would recommend creams and natural herbal brews and blends. One particular method that has been increasingly more popular for improving skin health and appearance is microneedling. It is a treatment that includes using a derma stamp tiny needles to penetrate the skin and boost the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin look smoother and firmer.

The bottom line

A tattoo is definitely a gorgeous decoration of the body that can enrich your overall style and appearance. It is an art full of tradition and rich history. Even though there are efficient ways of removing a tattoo and taking care of your skin afterward, you should always be careful when choosing one, because it is something that you should be able to cherish forever.

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