About Me

Many people believe that artistic pursuits are self-indulgent. But for me, living a creative life brings my deep self-fulfillment. Being an artist for almost a decade, I have been devoted a lot of my time and efforts to learn, research, work, and enjoy a variety of ideas every day. This personal blog is created with that perspective in mind. I always believe that doing and learning artistic things don’t just make your mind and soul better – those are powerful ways to change the world around. Art is for everyone. Whether you are a white-collar employee who wants to explore the abstract world or a stay-at-home mom who is looking for interesting topics, then you are in the right place.

Why art?

Having healed myself from sorrow and depression through art, I want to create this blog to share with other people about this powerful way of living. Most of us often think that painting, opera, sculpture, and other forms of fine arts are something that is only created for high society. However, that is never correct. In fact, art comes from the simplest things in our daily lives. Photography captures our memorable moments. Music organizes and composes our everyday sounds. And movies depict our society in a more interesting and attracting way. Everyone is born with a talent for art, and I hope this blog will nurture your love with it and help you live more consciously through various artistic practices.

What is it about?

Art is a broad topic. Nobody can be good at all forms of fine art. In this blog, I try my best to creating work on many topics and different levels to help everyone learn about it. From photography, music, movie, painting to sculpture and opera, you will certainly find something interesting to deepen your understanding of yourself and your experiences in life.

What would you expect?

I tend to be quite opinionated. And I also hope the same from you. I love learning and exploring new things, so this blog will be a great place where you can get more useful knowledge about art and discuss with other people with the same interests. Art is sometimes ridiculed and feared. At the same time, it can be highly valued for giving people what would nurture their soul and mind. Blending my passion for art and family, I want to make this blog a great site for everyone to learn and have conversations on meaningful subjects. Get involved in the blog and interact with each other. By doing that, you would learn more valuable lessons in life and explore the world with us.