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Contemporary Portrait Miniature Painters

The following painters undertake portrait commissions. For general process information see Commissioning a miniature portrait. Initials refer to earned Signature Society Status by these artists. This list was compiled by Caroline Hayes and Wes Siegrist. Please notify Wes of suggestions or changes in Signature status.

Artists' websites will be added soon.

Meg Anderson ARMS, HS
Phyllis A. Arnold HS, RMS
Rosemary Bentley RMS, HS
June Blyth ARMS, HS
Jenny Brooks HS, RMS
Michael Coe HS, MAA, RMS
Pauline Denyer Baker HS, RMS
Mona Diane Conner
Lesley Freeman HS
Pauline Gyles HS, RMS
Lesley Ann Hayes HS, RMS
Billy Horn Hunter
Gillie Hoyte Byrom HS, RMS
Heather E. Jones, HS
Irina Kouznetsova ARMS, MAA
Francis G. Knipe HS
Christine Magee HS
Elizabeth R. Meek HS, RMS
William Mundy HS, MAA, RMS
Sarah Padwick
Joyce Rowsell HS, MAA
Rachelle Siegrist MAA, SAA
Wes Siegrist MAA, SAA
Sheila Slicer HS
Violet Temple MAA, RMS
Robert Thwaites HS
Markissia Touliotos MAA, HS, RMS
Thelma Wall HS
Margaret Ward HS
Paula White


Jane Gibson HS, RMS
Tracy Hall HS
Sarah Padwick
Rosalind Pierson HS, MAA, RMS
Linda Rossin MAA, SAA
Rachelle Siegrist MAA, SAA
Wes Siegrist MAA, SAA

Abbreviations for Honorable Signature Societies:
ARMS = Associate Member of the Royal Miniature Society
AWA = American Women Artists
HS = Hilliard Society
MAA = Miniature Artists of America
RMS = Member of the Royal Miniature Society
SAA = Society of Animal Artists

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